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D20 Bracelet: Spellcaster
By Wondrousitems Item # 250076
Condition of item: New
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Warlock, tiefling, bard, wizard, sorcerer, paladin, cleric, ranger, druid. Witch bolt, chain lightning, call lightning, divine smite. Divine and arcane spellcasters alike have access to the sorts of spells brought to mind by the lightning bolt charm on this Spellcaster design from the Level Up line, which features: *Chain: Rosary-style gunmetal links with mushroom tan rondelle beads *Charm: A translucent neon orangey-pink D20 with white numbers flanked with translucent, smoke-colored glass beads *Closure: Lobster claw with a silver lightning bolt charm on the extender chain *Adjustable: The 1.5" extender chain allows this bracelet to be up to 8.5" *+1: Every order arrives packaged in a 4" x 5.5" black velour drawstring dice bag

Item Keywords:
Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, D and D, DnD, D20, polyhedral dice, dice, bracelet, nerd, geek, rpg

Materials Used:
beaded chain, D20, glass beads, lobster claw clasp, gunmetal, lightning bolt charm

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Get to Know: Wondrousitems Member Since: 01/28/2018
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