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D20 Necklace: Dungeon Master
By Wondrousitems Item # 250079
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Every player knows that when the DM smiles, they're in for some trouble. Show off your love for running the game with this piece from the Starter Kit line designed specifically for the Dungeon Master: May their players never taunt them. The Dungeon Master design features: *Chain: Smooth black leather with adjustable sliding knots *Pendant/charm: A marbelized, leaf green D20 with white numbers capped by a silver book charm *Adjustable: The sliding knot design of this necklace allows it to be as short as a choker or up to 24" long. Wearer's choice! *+1: Every order comes packaged in a 4" x 5.5" black velour drawstring dice bag

Item Keywords:
D20 necklace, D20 jewelry, dice, polyhedral dice, Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, D and D, DnD, nerd, geek, rpg

Materials Used:
leather, D20, dice, silver charm, book charm

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