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D20 Necklace: Dragon Bound
By Wondrousitems Item # 250081
Condition of item: New
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The textured, irridescent, blue-green dragonscale charm brings to mind not only those who have slain dragons, but the Dragonborn and Dragonbound riders as well. A perfect way to show off your love for the timeless RPG, the Dragon Bound design features: *Chain: Adjustable sliding knot, smooth black leather *Pendant/charm: a slightly shimmering, pale green marbelized D20 with white numbers flanked by two turquoise rondelle beads and topped with a silver cabochon charm of blue-green dragon scales *Adjustable: The sliding knot design allows this necklace to be as short as a choker or up to 24" long *+1: Every order arrives packaged in a 4" x 5.5" black velour drawstring dice bag

Item Keywords:
D20 necklace, D20 jewelry, dice, polyhedral dice, Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, D and D, DnD, nerd, geek, rpg

Materials Used:
leather, D20, dice, rondelle beads, dragon scale charm, scale charm, dragon scale cabochon, scale cabochon

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