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Slim Orange Bangle With Facets
By Treatyoself Item # 250144
Condition of item: New
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Are you dreaming of a soft orange bracelet with bright orange sparkles? Well it's right there! This cute and incredibly light bracelet will give just the right touch of summer and orangeade to your look.

The inside diameter is 65mm and this bracelet does NOT open so make sure you fit your hand through it before buying!

Every piece is unique; if you want this one, grab it while it's still there.
15% of ALL profits are given to a charity to help animals or people in need! Currently: Bud&Family

Prix : 14,99€

Item Keywords:
bangle, facets, orange, sparkle, summer

Materials Used:

65mm x x
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Get to Know: Treatyoself Member Since: 09/05/2017
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