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Ballerina Canopy/bapron Set
By Creationsbylizandgrandma Item # 250206
Condition of item: New
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Sparkly Pink Ballerina Canopy and Matching Bapron. This handmade ballerina them carseat cover/canopy has lots of sparkles for your new little baby girl. Canopies are perfect to protect your little one from the elements of the weather. Split front allows you to check on your baby without disturbing them. Matching bapron is the newest item every baby must have. Customer order accepted, message for more details. Option to add 1,2 or 3 snaps or velcro. Message me to customize.

Item Keywords:
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Shipping Cost : $4.50
Shipping Method: USPS
Will Ship From: Ceres, California, Us
Will Ship Within: 24 hours
Get to Know: Creationsbylizandgrandma Member Since: 02/12/2018
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