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Crocheted Round Area Rug, Pastel Colors
By Cedarchest Item # 260321
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A perfect rug for a baby's room or for any place that needs cute pastel colors. It is a versatile and practical rug that would work as an area rug in any room of your house, as a bathroom mat, as a doormat, or even as a patio rug or a play mat. I crocheted it from recycled t-shirts, which makes it very durable and easy to care for. The colors: white and pastels -- pink yellow green blue lavender/light purple. Please keep in mind that colors may look somewhat different on different monitors. Size: Appr. 31" in diameter Care: Machine washable and dryable. When you take the rug out of the dryer, give it a shake to help it get back into its right shape. Or you can remove the rug from the dryer when it is almost dry, reshape it, and let it dry completely flat. All t-shirts are washed before they are put into a rug. All rugs are washed after they are finished. The rug does not come with any non-slippery backing/lining. For your safety, please make sure you always put the rug on a non-slippery surface or use a non-slippery backing.

Item Keywords:
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Materials Used:
tshirts, repurposed tshits, recycled tshirts, cotton, cotton blends

31 x 31 x
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