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Violet Trellis Ribbon Necklace
By Bethrichardson Item # 260358
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This violet colored trellis ribbon is perfect for any occasion. It is made of several strands of ladder ribbon that are knotted at the top with extra ribbon to adjust the length. If you want it shorter, just loosen the tie and gently slide the beads down closer to the pendant. It has a silver floral pendant and two silver studded rondelle beads which can be adjusted. It is ready to ship with free shipping.

Item Keywords:
Violet Ribbon Necklace, Violet Ribbon Necklace with Silver Floral Pendant, Adjustable, Gift for Her, Ready to Ship, Free Shipping

Materials Used:
Violet Trellis Ribbon, Silver Floral Pendant, Silver Beads

x 16" x
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Will Ship Within: 24 hours
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