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Collage Belt
By Brightcraftofcrochet Item # 99063
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These are detailed instructions on how to crochet a belt designed by me in PDF format. In this PDF file, you will find step-by-step photo instructions+a hand-drawn diagram of first 4 rows and detailed written instructions for the complete belt pattern. The rest of the rows are worked similarly to the 4 rows illustrated with photos, This pattern is quite stretchable, but don't make the belt too short and tight because this will influence the look of the motif. The width is fixed and we will be working our rows along the length of the belt, thus it's very easy to adjust the final size. I recommend adding 3-6 cm to increase the size later (if needed). I'll explain how to do it in instructions.

Item Keywords:
crochet, belt, collage, flower fastener, pink, blue, beige

Materials Used:
Instructions are in PDF format. The belt itself is crocheted using cotton crochet thread

4 cm x 75 cm x 4 cm
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