MadeItMyself Newsletter!
Hi everyone,

I hope you all have had a chance to finish all your Halloween candy. Tell the dentist we said hello.
We, once again, have to give a huge thanks to all our members for staying so positive throughout both the good times and the bad times of our beta testing phase. The site is progressing nicely now that many of the bugs have settled down to a more tolerable level, and we expect things to continue on a positive note throughout this holiday season. 

In Marketing

We are always thinking and looking for creative new ways to market Madeitmyself, and typically we do everything ‘behind the scenes’… However, in honor of the Season, we’ve dumped a very considerable amount of resources into holiday advertising for MiM, and thought we could make things a bit more interactive and special for you all. One way to take advantage of this particular strategy would be to list items with a Christmas theme. Christmas items will be automatically pinpointed within the database and may just appear to thousands of people. Unfortunately, we can’t spill the beans as to how this will be achieved. Just know that it is available for you.

Make sure you also take advantage of the "Expose Yourself" banner on our home page and "Link with us" banners on your profile pages. You'll find a list of hand-picked websites that will allow you to advertise for FREE! Link your friends, family, and everybody else directly to your shop on by using the HTML code we've provided. We would like to see everyone do well in the upcoming months and every little bit helps.

As an added perk, we will be doing another one of our news show airings before Christmas comes around. To those new to Madeitmyself, here is a Youtube link of one of our free services to help market your business, as well as market the website itself:

This will be an ongoing source of advertising and anyone that is interested in participating is more than welcome to contact our Creative Director, Chris Gillis, at, for further details. This time around we are looking forward to having a more elaborate display.

Upcoming Additions

Thanks to all of your positive feedback, we are well aware of the recent and ongoing problems that have shown themselves in various parts of the site and our programmers are working around the clock to get things patched up and ready to go. Some of the fixes and changes we are currently working on are as followed:
  • Purchases and sold items properly displaying in the appropriate sections.
  • Feedback appearing in incorrect users shops and leading to an error page.
  • Sold items with a quantity of zero remaining within user profile pages.
  • A “relist” button will be made available for expired items.
  • Larger and more uniformed photos throughout the site.
  • Less restricted image upload requirements
  • Optional retail price display on item profile page.
  • A “measurements” field for item sizes.
  • A way for users to edit item titles.  
No set date can be given for these changes, but they are our top priority and we feel confident that we can implement them very soon. We hope that everyone can enjoy the new additions and put them to good use. is a great social network we’ve come across for independent artists. They have many tools available within the site and the administration is as nice as they come. They have ties with many different arts and crafts communities and you can find it to be a great place to mingle and market your business. It’s definitely a fun place to be and we are very honored and privileged to house our group for MiM, “Mad About Madeitmyself”, on their site.

Don’t forget to check out as well. Get great ideas and advertising for this holiday season of gift-giving.

With our current economic state, and the recent election, there is a good chance that all of our businesses may be in for a few surprises in the near future. Whether they will be good or bad is up for grabs. No matter what comes, we intend to make the best of any situation, and make sure we do our part in helping your businesses and hobbies flourish.

Best of luck to all of you and your success!


The Madeitmyself Team