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I am engaged in needlework: embroidery of clothes and pictures a bead, similarly by a cross, knitting of clothes and dekora, accessories, sewing, picture. I will be glad to see you in the shop. I hope on a collaboration. Making of wares is possible on an order. I wait your suggestions, pleasant you purchases!
My Shop Policy:
All good afternoon! To see rads you in our shop. For you the commodities of handwork are presented. Before the purchase of commodity, specify all questions by mail. I will give complete information on a commodity, payment and delivery. Payment translation on the indicated name, for foreign buyers, through the system of Wester Union or Unistream, Money Gram, system Skrill. Payment by the system of Skrill, comfortable and easy method. The system works, as Paypal. Simply with Ukraine of Paypal does not work. Skrill without problems. It is needed only to pass registration. For buyers on territory of Ukraine, payment on the map of Privat of bank. The Russian citizens can pay "Contact" through the system, Web Money. Payment takes place in a flow 7 days. After expiration of this term, at not payment, a commodity is proposed on a sale. Large request, to write on mail about arising up questions, for more exact and complete information. A commodity is not subject a return. Making of wares is possible under an order, after your wishes. All questions are talked about with a customer. Payment for a purchase in a flow 7-10 days. Dispatch of commodity after complete payment . Delivery ukrpochtoy or by arrangement. Soviet to the collaboration, wait you in our shop.
Clothes Are Evening Embroidered Is A Pur
Viewed 97 time(s) $180.00
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Clothes Are Embroidered A Bead Is A Purv
Viewed 184 time(s) $160.00
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A Brooch - Rose
Viewed 180 time(s) $15.00
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Photo Picture - Sea Is Dawn
Viewed 223 time(s) $7.00
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Beads From Kollazh
Viewed 199 time(s) $14.00
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Jewelry Sets - Mood
Viewed 286 time(s) $13.00
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Supports Under Cups
Viewed 306 time(s) $14.00
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A Complete Set Of Decorations - Spring
Viewed 367 time(s) $20.00
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A Serviette Is Oval Under Old Times
Viewed 590 time(s) $20.00
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Hat Of Snowflake
Viewed 407 time(s) $18.00
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A Scarf Is Winter Wave
Viewed 537 time(s) $20.00
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