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This small business seeks to glorify God by spreading the gospel message through its products. Just as God made man from the dirt from the ground, this business makes most of its products from clay (which is from the ground). Each product has its own uniqueness that corolates to the bible and its message. All products are hand-made. Note: For bracelets please message your wrist size before buying the products. This is because I am unsure of what your wrist size is. Please support this business and God Bless You All! ??
My Shop Policy:
1. I will not create or recreate anything that has profanity and/or spreads a bad or negative message to others. I will also not put any Satanic messages into my work. 2. Want something you don't see on a listing? Message me the details of what you want and I will create it for you. Pricing will be discussed in messages. 3. See something in listing and want it in a different colour or different beading? Message me the product and want colour you want it in and I will recreate for you. All recreations are $1.50 higher than the original price. 4. Shipping costs vary. Since I am shipping these myself, shipping cost will be adding to the price of the product. 5. If you buy your own materials for the products and ship it, I will cut the cost of the product I am making for you. 6. PLEASE MESSAGE ME FIRST FOR ALL RECREATIONS AND CUSTOM CREATES BEFORE ORDERING.
Cross Bracelet
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