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Im so excited to be a part of this site. My hope is that people will BUY things. So many people look at all the wonderful things being offered for sale..............however, im not seeing many purchases on made it myself right across the board. SO come ON people!!!! Take a chance... Buy some of the amazing things on this site!!!there are so many talented people on here.
Tuscan/wine Lovers Table Runner
Viewed 51 time(s) $15.00
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Sew Sweet Handmade Pincushion Pale Cora
Viewed 167 time(s) $8.00
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Sew Sweet Handmade Country Look Pincushi
Viewed 153 time(s) $8.00
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Ornate Wall Mirror
Viewed 179 time(s) $20.00
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Framed And Matted 3 Art Prints
Viewed 221 time(s) $8.00
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Trio Of Handpainted Ornaments
Viewed 229 time(s) $10.00
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Handpainted Winter Holly Ornament
Viewed 222 time(s) $5.00
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Faux Gold Leaf Vintage Frame
Viewed 252 time(s) $18.00
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French Toile Maine Balsam Saschets
Viewed 285 time(s) $5.95
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2 Black & White Toile Balsam Saschets
Viewed 379 time(s) $4.95
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Simplicity Unisex Apron Pattern
Viewed 272 time(s) $1.95
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