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Welcome to my shop I specialize in making homemade deer and elk grain blocks.. I've been making them for 6 years and selling locally and they have become popular with hunters farmers ranchers and others.Here in my home state it's legal to use attractant and baits for hunting on a limited scale.I also sell to others who enjoy feeding wildlife to supplement their feed. I have one block sizes that I ship a 9 lb 11 x 9 x 5 corn and molasses grain block My homemade deer and elk grain blocks are made with whole corn,molasses,trace minerals with selenium and other flavors to make them more attractable to wildlife.The deer and elk and other wildlife can't resist them and making them a excellent product to keep wildlife in area. Using my homemade deer and elk grain blocks and mineral licks in a ethical manner can be very beneficial for hunters as well for other who supplement feed wildlife. As can be seen from the photos the deer and elk are attracted to my grain blocks and mineral licks from the sweet smelling aroma that draws them to the areas plus promote healthier animals. My passion has been and still is to make products that are first and foremost legal,nutritious,with no waste that the wildlife likes and affordable for both hunters and others to use. CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL STATE LAWS PERTAINING TO FEEDING OF WILDLIFE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANY OF MY GRAIN BLOCKS . I believe you will be pleased with my homemade grain blocks and mineral licks,I know the wildlife is. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you,
My Shop Policy:
Once i receive payment into my account I will ship during weekdays.Usually within two days. I don't make exchanges or returns. I ship only single orders in priority flat rate boxes. If you have any questions on larger order shipments and discount please contact me. Shipped items comes with information sheet on block placements for best results. Thank you, Gary
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