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We thank you for your interest in becoming a Gifts purchase partner in our mission to adults and youth in need of HOPE-filled resources as they face significant life challenges.  Your support of the nonprofit book- and jewelry-making work of our volunteer hands would mean so much to those we serve, both in the US and abroad.  And for any purchase of a contemporary, ethnic, boho, and/or native "Divine Americana jewelry" piece that comes from our pioneer spirit, know that you have our deep and heartfelt appreciation; plus, please do not hesitate to spread the word that shopping for our handmade inspirational jewelry and gifts helps change hearts and lives for the better, especially inspired by the life and work of Dr. Anna Terruwe ( :)
My Shop Policy:
All sales final.

We ship to select destinations.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
A Ring Of Hope
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Shiny Green New Life Bracelet
Viewed 23 time(s) $12.00
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Live, Love, Laugh Ocean Blue Bracelet
Viewed 25 time(s) $16.00
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1of-a-kind Romantic Peace Ankle Bracelet
Viewed 21 time(s) $12.00
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Jesus, Mary & Joseph Necklace
Viewed 32 time(s) $21.00
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Mount Carmel Lady Of Garabandal Necklace
Viewed 38 time(s) $24.00
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Come Holy Spirit Handmade Necklace
Viewed 64 time(s) $18.00
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Fatima Anniversary Necklace
Viewed 48 time(s) $22.00
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Lady Of Guadalupe Crucifix Necklace
Viewed 67 time(s) $21.00
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Infant Jesus Bead Necklace
Viewed 59 time(s) $22.00
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King Of Hearts Bead Necklace
Viewed 85 time(s) $24.00
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Rose-hearted Pendant Necklace
Viewed 89 time(s) $18.00
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Little Flower Macrame Bead Bracelet
Viewed 64 time(s) $8.00
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St. Anthony Heart Bead Necklace
Viewed 64 time(s) $18.00
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Little Flower Bead Necklace
Viewed 97 time(s) $19.00
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Mary Medal Faith Necklace
Viewed 68 time(s) $26.00
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Immaculate Heart Prayer Necklace
Viewed 50 time(s) $19.00
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California Missions-look Medal Necklace
Viewed 70 time(s) $19.00
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Pacific Look Beaded Jade Cross Necklace
Viewed 80 time(s) $19.00
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Lamb Of God Crucifix Necklace
Viewed 136 time(s) $18.00
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