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Location : Us, Black Eagle, Montana
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I am of senior years, and have completed many mediums of art and I decided about Five years ago to try doing a couple of Gourds for fun, Well, I was hooked, you can do any thing you want Painting, carvings, weaving, shadow  boxes, purses, vases, bowls, baskets, pitchers, jewelry and there are many more ideas. I live here in Montana where we have wonderful Artist, like Charles Russell, one of the greatest western painters of all times. Wonderful native American Indian art as well. You will see many many of these things in my shop.
I do custom orders with ample time for completion. Just contact me thru my e-mail.
Native Pairs Gourd Bowl And Vase
Viewed 20 time(s) $200.00
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Horse Shadow Box
Viewed 105 time(s) $125.00
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Native Designed Vase
Viewed 204 time(s) $150.00
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Family Of Three #2
Viewed 189 time(s) $300.00
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Africa's Mother And Baby Shadow Box
Viewed 295 time(s) $100.00
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Native Maiden Gourd Vase
Viewed 314 time(s) $95.00
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Western Gourd Vase
Viewed 360 time(s) $100.00
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Rooster Shadowbox
Viewed 731 time(s) $100.00
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Gourd Canteen Fall Leaves
Viewed 419 time(s) $85.00
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Basket Maple & Elm Leaves
Viewed 395 time(s) $150.00
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Gourd Poppy Pitcher
Viewed 823 time(s) $125.00
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Gourd Bowl With Weaving
Viewed 400 time(s) $80.00
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Turquoise Seed Necklace
Viewed 408 time(s) $85.00
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Seed Necklace
Viewed 337 time(s) $65.00
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Gourd Basket
Viewed 395 time(s) $125.00
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Filagree Canteen Gourd Vase
Viewed 391 time(s) $85.00
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Canteen Gourd Purse
Viewed 444 time(s) $85.00
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Dragonfly Gourd Purse
Viewed 462 time(s) $100.00
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Wedding Gourd Vase
Viewed 502 time(s) $85.00
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Yarn Maple Leaf Bowl
Viewed 465 time(s) $70.00
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