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Herbie 4 Dogs is all about the passion and love I have for dogs and better natural care for them. I create and hand pours organic, therapeutic, safe dog care products, specializing in allergies, yeast, skin, ears, paws and mouth care. I have 600+ hours of education in canine herbs and aromatherapy. I continue to attend classes, seminars, and workshops to continue my education and keep up on new developments in the canine world of natural care. I use all of my products on my dogs who are rescues that had a horrible beginning to life some for many years. I am proud to say my products have changed their lives. Coats ae beautiful, ears clean, paws soft. Herbie supports and contributes to animal shelters and rescues with event sponsorships and product donations throughout the USA. We are excited to have the opportunity to offer our safe dog care to you.
My Shop Policy:
When Herbie received your order, we immediately set up to create it fresh. Each product is made individually to ensure ingredient integrity and amounts, freshness, with a date stamp, hand poured and labeled. Please allow 3-5 business days to create, package, label and ship your order. Holidays and weekend are excluded. We do not accept returns due to the nature of our offerings but will work with you to satisfy your concerns with a mutually agreed outcome. Herbie appreciates your business and welcomes your and your dog to the Herbie family. Peace and Doggie Blessings, Herbie
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