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I started making bracelets about 6 months ago. Gave them to friends and family and they said they really enjoyed them. Having MS makes it really hard to put on bracelets. So I started making these so I can just slip them on and go out. I have found the best results come from using glass beads along with similar colors as to be easier to match what women may be wearing. And as always requests are welcome. I find that using stretch elastic make it much easier to put on especially for people like myself who are disabled. And great gifts for older mother and grandmother who have a hard time wearing jewelry that have a clasp design. And again request are always welcome. I use a bracelet chart which goes from 4.5 inch for 3-6 months up to large ladies if 8 to 9 inches, and special requests are always welcome.
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Refunds or replacement on any item. Item's that are purchased with a check will be sent out when the check clears the bank. $2.00 USPS shipping with tracking I never understood the discount on multiple items, but if I have multiple buys the shipping is still $2.00. Items will ship 1-2 business days
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