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Specializes in Handmade and Custom Embroidery including Iron/Sew-On Patches, Monogrammed Pet Blankets, Stitched Freestanding Lace Jewelry, and Lace Masks. All items are handmade in Canada with Local Resources. We accept all requests for custom embroidery and no job is to small. As the owner/operator of my shop, you can feel confident that your order will recieve top care and attention. I have years of experience in the embroidery business. I am also an ex-etsy seller, I had over 1000 orders before I closed my shop there. Please feel free to contact me.
Monogrammed Mini Steampunk Stocking
Viewed 95 time(s) $6.00
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Monogrammed Steampunk Christmas Stocking
Viewed 86 time(s) $12.00
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Monogrammed Burgundy Christmas Stocking
Viewed 87 time(s) $10.00
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Embroidered Santa Poop Emoji Patch
Viewed 95 time(s) $8.00
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Embroidered Christmas Reindeer Brooch
Viewed 131 time(s) $10.00
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Skulls And Roses Gothic Embroidery
Viewed 187 time(s) $25.00
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Embroidered Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging
Viewed 200 time(s) $25.00
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Embroidered Skeleton Riding A Motorbike
Viewed 178 time(s) $15.00
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Embroidered Joker Skull Patch
Viewed 196 time(s) $15.00
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Embroidered Gothic Fairy Wall Hanging
Viewed 206 time(s) $15.00
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Ornate Embroidered Skull Wall Hanging
Viewed 244 time(s) $25.00
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Embroidered Egyptian Cat Patch
Viewed 270 time(s) $15.00
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Embroidered Lacey Skull Wall Hanging
Viewed 292 time(s) $25.00
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Black And Orange 10" Halloween Wreath
Viewed 325 time(s) $25.00
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Handmade Lace Skull Decoration
Viewed 338 time(s) $25.00
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Embroidered Stuffed Teddy Bears
Viewed 243 time(s) $12.00
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Handmade Day Of The Dead Ragdoll Doll Wi
Viewed 257 time(s) $20.00
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Handmade Lace Fox Mask
Viewed 268 time(s) $15.00
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Bad To The Bone Skull Patch
Viewed 239 time(s) $12.00
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Embroidered Patch Work Skull Patch
Viewed 260 time(s) $8.00
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