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Hello and welcome to MelMar Soap Hut . Meet us... we are Alan and Adriana. We make Artisan hot process soaps using high quality oils that are good for your skin, such as olive, palm, coconut, castor, super cream with a shea butter and vitamin-e. We are also developing a body product line so keep watching us for new items to come your way. Our Story: Our love for soap came as a surprise to both of us. Alan first discovered his first bar of cold process soap in one of his five day hiking trips by the Mineral Kings area, (yes Alan loves to hike) upon ending his journey he came across a little store where they sold these great smelling bars of soap (it was cold process). He took a quick shower in one of the little bath houses offered there an loved the way it left his skin. Needless to say he loved it so much he went in to buy one more bar it was 2oz. bar for $7.00 I'd say that was some good soap. Adriana has fond memories of visiting her grandmother in Mexico and watching the whole family make soap for days. Back then people used actual lye from wood ashes (legia in Spanish). So we decided then to take a class and learn all there is to making soap and we love making great soaps!!! We hope you love how they make your skin feel too. If you are not 100% satisfied with the soaps we provide you may return them. We are making Hot Process Soap because we can ensure it's ready in a few days and it also allows us some awesome creativity. Future Goals to offer a line of soaps that are 100% organic.
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