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Location : Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Serbia
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Hello there! You're probably asking yourself how did an African man ended up weving bags in Serbia? It's a long long story, but here's a short version of it. I was born in Saint-Louis, Senegal in 1973. After my mother has died in 1985, I moved to Mauritania to work as a fisherman on boats and stayed there until I was old enough to get driving licence, when I went back to Senegal, this time to Dakar, where I worked as a taxi and bus driver. Until one day a friend suggested we go to Spain in search for better life. As many naive young Africans, dreaming of Europe and thinking I'll get rich as soon as I step my foot over there I accepted the plan and in two days time we were already on a ship disembarking. There were around of 50 of us, two have lost their life and the rest arrived to one of Canary Islands after three days and nights. Two of us managed to escape before the police arrived and the rest were deported back to Africa. I've lived in Spain for 10 years, never got rich, nor I got residence, nor I was happy. I always wanted to go back home, but couldn't do it defeated. I did find love, my present wife, Ivana, who is serbian, and due to strange circumctances while we were living in a camper with our first son, Sila, and she got pregnant again she suggested we move to Serbia. And so we did, we travelled a couple of thousands of kilometers and a couple of months, before we came here and she had a doughter this time, called Hady, after my mom. My wife is working as a fashion designer, and since I couldn't get a proper job as I didn't speak any serbian, (and people are not really enthusiastic about giving a job to black people here, nor knowing them, all they do is stare at me, with all due respect to exceptions), so the first winter I stayed at home with kids. To prevent myself from going crazy I took an old weaving frame and started making woven bags using material residues my wife brought from work. First turned out to be quiete twisted, but each of the following was better and better and after a while I was selling on local markets, in Museum of African Art, some art shops, etc.. Now I've discovered Discovered and decided to try selling here as well. Each of my bags is completely unique, handmade, apart from the lining, which my wife sews on machine. It takes about two or three days to make one, depending on size and children's behavior. On some I add beads, on some leather, and that finishing part is what I like the most about making them. Cause in the meantime, I really started loving making them. It's like a sort of meditation. I forget about all the problems and concentrate on creation only. But still, I do think of Africa often, and when will I go back home. Or just will I ever see my hometown again.
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