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Moonfire Creations was born out of a creative itch that is inspired by locals and ethos of local shops. Moonfire Creations is located in Aberystwyth, Wales. In these earrings Moonfire Creations uses beads of a reclaimed nature wherever possible Moonfire Creations uses brand new gold plated, and silver plated earring loops to ensure that they add the special sparkle to the earrings you deserve. If you, or those you are buying for, don’t have pierced ears, new gold-plated and silver-plated screw-on alternatives are available and can be specially attached for you on request. These screw-on alternatives are also a nickel-free option. Each set are unique and once the set has been sold, they are gone. To see the full portfolio of my work visit Official website:
My Shop Policy:

There is an option for exchanging a earring hook, for a nickel-free screw-on alternative. This is available should yourself or those you are gifting the earrings to do not have pierced ears. This option is available free of charge prior to shipping, just contact me via the option on my profile. The screw on alternatives are either silver-plated, or gold-plated. If you choose this option the exchange will be like for like (e.g. gold-plated for gold-plated, silver-plated for silver-plated).

Shipping Policy

The earrings will sent to the address you provide, so please include the full address including the postcode/zip code.

The earrings will be sent via second class post, so that you get the best value possible. If you wish them to be there quicker or by recorded delivery, please contact me for these details. I cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery. I will be sending via the Royal Mail and will endeavor to keep you informed of any delays that I am aware of.

Please see item details for shipping and handling/postage and packaging costs for countries.

Purchasing Policy
Please contact me by the 'contact me' button on my profile to further discuss these other methods of shipping with me.

Cheque and Money Order:
These are acceptable methods of payment. They will need to clear prior to my shipping your items. They need to be of the correct amount, as change will not be sent, and if the money is too low then items will not be shipped.

Cash is an acceptable method of payment. Please seek assistance and advice on how best to keep this method of payment safe and secure. The Royal Mail has advice on how best to keep this secure on its website.
Cash payment will need to be in one of the following (US dollars, Euros, or Pounds Sterling (GBP)) for the time being. Please provide correct amounts as change will not be returned, and if the money is too low then items will not be shipped. I also need to wait for US dollar and Euro to be changed into Pound Sterling (GBP) before shipping your items.

In regards to sending cheques, money orders, and cash through the post, please message me in regard to the items you wish to buy, and when you will be sending what method of payment so that I can reserve the items for you. Only when I have sent a confirmation message to you, can you be sure I have reserved the items.

Refund Policy

I cannot accept refunds or exchanges due to hygiene reasons.

However, if there are other issues, please contact me on here or through my website ( and I will be happy to contact you directly regarding those issues.

Feedback and Comments

Constructive feedback and comments are welcome in regard to the earrings I produce. There is a spirit of creativity in each of us, and it would be brilliant for me to hear yours speak to me.

**This shop is currently under construction, so please hurry back to see what is new!!!**

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