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>>> Web designer gone planner addict. <<< I shouldn't say "gone" because I'm still a full time web & graphic designer with my own business (gotta support the habit, kwim?), but I've become addicted to everything planner related. I've always loved stationery, handmade goodies, scrapbooking, as well as being organized and I find planning fulfills all of that! I opened this shop to be a little spot on the web where I can design for fun and not because I have to. Being a designer and all, it's easy for me to start making my own goodies. What is the "Zen" for? Well, fellow planner addicts will know that planning is something we love to do and makes us happy and be in that "zen" place. But ZEN has another meaning for me as well. It's the initials of the first names of our three kids - how cool is that? No, we didn't plan it that way! And ZEN is even the right order in which they appeared so how could I not use it :) See my Etsy shop too:
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