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I live in the most beautiful city ever! After I finished high school I was given the opportunity to move to Italy and live in Rome for 13 years. What a wonderful experience! Now I have moved home to St. Augustine, Florida and I really would not want to be anywhere else! I married the true love of my life and I am able to live near my family. I am home. I love crafting - anything. Since I love the thought of recycling through re-purposing I try to reuse older items into my newer creations. People who know me are aware of what I do and before they decide to "get rid" of something they offer their treasures to me and I try to see if my imagination is able to reincarnate it. If I am incapable of giving it new life then I donate it to my Boy Scout Venture Crew for crafts or for their yard sale fundraiser. So nothing goes to waste! I am constantly recreating myself and my style of crafting by, basically, what floats my boat! So stop by often and see what's floating around!
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