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Hello! I love to make all sorts of things and to express myself through the items I create. Needlework has definitely helped me do just that. I learn and discover something new everyday! I make my designs and other creations with love in each stitch. I can take requests for just about anything having to do with cross-stitching and embroidery. Feel free to message me for any requests!! I would be more than happy to oblige! It would mean the world to me if you donated! Actually, it would also mean the world to me if you read what I had to say and commented the "magic words" I'd like to hear! <3 Hint: the magic words are not "please" and "thank you." XD Here is the link:
Bcd: Musicality Bordered Mini Blank Book
Viewed 28 time(s) $2.00
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5x4 Frames
Viewed 110 time(s) $2.00
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Car Hang Ups
Viewed 83 time(s) $2.00
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Reminder Wristband
Viewed 167 time(s) $1.00
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Golden Mush Explanation Bag
Viewed 142 time(s) $1.00
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Pencil Holder
Viewed 155 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Flowers Mini Blank Book
Viewed 246 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Flowers
Viewed 300 time(s) $1.00
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Grandparent Cross-stitch Christmas Card
Viewed 472 time(s) $1.00
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Twilight Lake T-shirt
Viewed 351 time(s) $1.00
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Midnight River T-shirt
Viewed 274 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Stars (specially Framed)
Viewed 196 time(s) $1.00
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Gleaming Falls In Hidden Cave
Viewed 394 time(s) $1.00
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Twilight Lake: Twilight On Shimmering La
Viewed 332 time(s) $1.00
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Sunset Trails: Sunset Path Blank Book
Viewed 461 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Bow (bordered)
Viewed 214 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Initials (bordered)
Viewed 234 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Butterfly (bordered)
Viewed 280 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Stars (bordered)
Viewed 224 time(s) $1.00
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Bcd: Life And Love Quote (bordered)
Viewed 284 time(s) $1.00
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