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Hello Friends, My name is Anastasia. I am the founder & owner of True Hippie Cleaning Co. My passion for the Earth runs through my very roots, I love all that it is. The purpose of this company is to share a message of peace, love and a way of green living through self sufficent goods and services. I love to take part in positive impacts that make the World go round. My products are totally natural, hand crafted, and biodegradable. It is my promise to leave no trace behind in all that I do. After all, The world is ours - We must do what we can to protect it. "Rise up, Take Courage & Do it. - Ezra 10:4" Namaste.
My Shop Policy:
Unfortunately, We do not offer returns on any products. True Hippie Cleaning promises to only provide the best of the best service to all People. If something was to go wrong with your product order, please contact us by email at or call us (608) 313-4693 - If you are not satisfied with the works of your product, we will happily offer a replacement at the bare min of shipping costs. All products are free from toxins, however, If one was to ingest a formula, there could be possible sickness or death. It is suggested to keep product away from kids and pets. Giving Thanks, THC.
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