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Sal Villano was born in New York City in 1944 into a large extended family of many artists. So, at a very young age he was always very aware of art in his life and was naturally attracted to expressing himself visually. He attended public grade school, high school and college. He also studied at The Art Students League in Manhattan. While still in college he assisted his uncle Charles Santaniello, a sculptor, in creating commercial displays for many New York businesses. And helped produce parts of an exhibit for a Worlds Fair in Europe. It was this time spent working with his uncle that he realized he too wanted to be a sculptor. After graduating college he went to work as a commercial artist. In 1969, after several years at this position he started his own art studio with another artist, this partnership provided the opportunity to produce a wide verity of commercial work. Some of the clients they created two dimensional and three dimensional work for are national and international companies. It was at the time he spent at the Art Students league that Sal created his first wire tree sculpture, While constructing an armature to support a clay figure, he noticed that the wire he was using could also be bent, twisted and wrapped to create a tree sculpture. Since that day, many years ago, he has created thousands of tree sculptures of various wire types and gauges and each carefully placed onto a base that is a vital part of the total piece. Whether viewed in direct sunlight casting harsh shadows or in soft candle light creating a gentle form, the tree sculptures created by Sal Villano each take on a personality of their own. As in nature, no trees can ever be created alike.
Kristallnacht, Tree Of Life
Viewed 1126 time(s) $15,500.00
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Oak Bonsai - Mini Wire Tree Sculpture
Viewed 1412 time(s) $29.00
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Small Wind Swept, Wire Tree Sculpture
Viewed 1487 time(s) $39.00
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Creating Gem Beaded & Bonsai Wire Trees
Viewed 1870 time(s) $9.99
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Bird Nest No.8 - Wire Art Sculpture
Viewed 2056 time(s) $51.00
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Creating Gem, Beaded & Bonsai Wire Trees
Viewed 680 time(s) $15.99
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Oak On Oak - Beaded Wire Tree Sculpture
Viewed 1359 time(s) $79.00
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Oak On Oval Base - Wall Art Sculpture
Viewed 1472 time(s) $99.00
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Bird Nest No.7 - Wall Art Sculpture
Viewed 1551 time(s) $89.00
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Wind Swept On Round Base -wall Art
Viewed 1859 time(s) $129.00
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Winter Willow, Wire Tree Sculpture
Viewed 1528 time(s) $195.00
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Willow In Round Glass, Beaded Wire Tree
Viewed 1507 time(s) $195.00
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Bird Nest No. 6 - Wall Art Sculpture
Viewed 1414 time(s) $89.00
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Bird Nest No.1 - Wire Sculpture
Viewed 1422 time(s) $61.00
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Multi Color Oak, Beaded Tree Sculpture
Viewed 2175 time(s) $199.00
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Beaded On Round Base Wall Art Sculpture
Viewed 1679 time(s) $149.00
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Willow On Glass
Viewed 1494 time(s) $99.00
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Winter Bird Nest - Wire Tree Sculpture
Viewed 1489 time(s) $795.00
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Umbrella Bonsai, Wire Tree Sculpture
Viewed 1632 time(s) $79.00
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Beaded On Black Base - Beaded Wire Tree
Viewed 1518 time(s) $69.00
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