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It all started long ago with a little girl and her first Polaroid camera. I have been travelling the world and taking photos for as long as I can remember. As a full-time working single parent, I was looking for a way to help supplement my income, and ever increasing medical bills. However, I was also looking for something that I would be passionate about. Therefore, the Wandering Celtic was born. I chose the name due to the importance of family in my life. My father immigrated from Scotland, and I had two great maternal grandmothers that were both full blooded American Indian. Wandering Celtic will be full of photos, as well as other things that I love to do, and new creations. I hope my photos and creations bring you as much joy as they do me.
Animals & Letters Throw Pillow
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Hibiscus Cork Coasters
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Unicorn Fleece Tie Blanket
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Floral Stone Coasters
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More Scrabble Tile Coasters
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Scrabble Tile Coasters
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Multicolored Arrow Double Switchplate
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Multicolored Arrow Switchplates
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