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Natural Wall Mount Coat Rack
Here is a solid red oak coat rack with natural wood limbs as hangers. The hangers are also red oak. Looks very rustic and also very sturdy! The mount ...
by: jlswoodwork
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Listed on: 01.28.2018
Price: $65.00
Folding Farm Table
by: j85mith
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Listed on: 01.18.2018
Price: $450.00
Wooden Chair With Patriotic Pattern Et2
Kitchen chair with national Belarusian ornament. In the Belarusian culture, this ornament symbolizes the male fertility sign, fertilization, the sig...
by: Anastasiya_Hopkins
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Listed on: 11.08.2017
Price: $49.00
Burnt Stool Et3
by: Anastasiya_Hopkins
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Listed on: 11.07.2017
Price: $59.00
Wormy Chestnut Farm House Table
by: ned28734
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Listed on: 12.05.2017
Price: $1,900.00
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